Wedding Bouquets

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Looking for you Wedding Bouquets for your upcoming special day?

At Blackwood Florist we specialise in bridal bouquets, along with bridesmaids flowers, cake flowers, buttonholes, corsages, pedestal designs and table centre-pieces.


There are many different styles of bridal bouquets and many combinations of flowers to suit any theme and budget for your special day. There are always particular wedding flower favourites like roses as they can come in so many shades of colours to suit any fabrics, through to the more exotic and abstract flower choices.

We will take the time to talk to you about your dress, your theme colours and any style of ceremony that you would like to incorporate into the wedding bouquet. From a simple mixed white flower posy to an elaborate trailing bouquet, a vintage gathering of cottage flowers to a rustic wildflower bouquet, Blackwood Florist can help you decide the right choice.

We pride ourselves on being a florist who specialises in weddings and have had years of experience and giving brides a memorable day. Feel free to book in a bridal consult so we can work out what you would like and provide a quote in writing. If you’re not sure what you want, don’t worry we specialise in helping you to work it out!

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