Cake Flowers

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Looking for your cake flowers for your upcoming special event?

There is nothing like fresh beautiful flowers to enhance your cake. Whether it is a few placed blooms or a cascading flower design we can organise flowers to suit any occasion.


We can completely design the cake flowers to be simply placed onto the cake tiers or we can coordinate with your cake designer to provide fresh flower blooms for them to affix to the cake on the day.

We pride ourselves on being a florist who specialises in cake flowers and all your floral needs for a big event. Communication is always of the utmost importance when consulting with our customers so that on the day, when there is so much going on, the flowers arrive just how you envisioned, so you can enjoy your special day filled with magic and look back on the photos and smile.

Feel free to book in a bridal consult so we can work out what you would like and provide a quote in writing. If you’re not sure what you want, don’t worry we specialise in helping you to work it out!

We source all of our flowers from our selection of local market growers, with each flower hand-picked by the owner, so that only the freshest flowers are used in your arrangements.

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