February 24, 2016 Tarnia Turner
Phalaenopsis plant gift

Phalaenopsis is named from the Greek words phalaina (moth) and opsis (appearance). Hence the common name ‘ Moth Orchids ‘ Today Phalaenopsis are the world’s most popular grown orchid.

Phalaenopsis can be grown easily in green houses, in the home, on windowsills or under artificial light’s. The flowers are long lasting and come in a variety of colours such as classic white, pink, yellow purple and patterns and can last for up to three months.

Blackwood Florist stock a beautiful range of these exotic plants and are sourced from a local specialty Orchid grower. You can be certain when you purchase one of our orchid plants they are of the best quality and if you follow the supplied care instructions you will have a gorgeous flowering plant for years to enjoy.

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